Distraction (Part 1 of many)

Distractions come and go. I was trying to write my part two of Fundamentalism. I noticed that another news item showed up. I do not call it a detour but this a consequence of fundamentalism.

World Vision USA reversed its hiring policy on same-sex marriages. It first announced on March 24, 2014 that it will no longer recognize only heterosexual marriages in its employee code of conduct, and that those in same-sex marriages will now be equally accepted. Then on March 26, 2014, two days later, World Vision USA took a U-turn on its policy.

As a Canadian, I know nothing about employment law in the US. In Canada, employers are not allowed to discriminate against sexual orientation. I do not think this policy could be applied in Canada. World Vision Canada quickly published a statement on their web site. I am glad I am Canadian.

If World Vision USA was trying to take a neutral stand on homosexuality, it failed catastrophically. The condemnations towards World Vision USA for hiring homosexuals are harsh and furious. Christianity Today reported George O. Wood, the general superintendent of the Assembly of God stated, “World Vision’s policy change now puts them at odds with our beliefs regarding sexual morality.” A web site reported that up to 2000 Christians withdrew their financial support. This is series. Franklin Graham was pleased with the reversal and he called for “Three cheers”.

In my previous post, I mentioned that the Fundamentalists tried to live in the straight and narrow, no alternatives. The world according to them is very narrow. One can only hire the narrowly like-minded people. Here comes the problem.

The real world is never narrow. How can World Vision USA guarantee that all people that they hire, including their contractors and sub-contractors have no homosexuals? These people include farmers, factory workers, pilots, translators, parcel handlers, cleaners, janitors, assistants… How can World Vision USA enforce this hiring policy?

Whatever World Vision chooses to do, it angers all sides. If I understand it correctly, World Vision is supposed to help the poor around the globe. What does withdrawing financial help accomplish? It definitely will not help the poor. It does not turn any gay person into heterosexual either.

What is the outcome of this binary thinking? They take their stand. Everyone gets hurt.


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