Foundation of Faith

My faith should not look like a house of cards. My trust in God (Christ) has to build on a solid foundation. I try to discern what are essential, what are supportive, and what are the outlining elements of my faith.

The essential basis of the Christian belief is the Bible. One may interpret the Bible differently, but the record of the Bible should be the source of what I belief in Christ.

Here is the problem. Since I pointed out the Bible is the source of my faith, what does the Bible point to? It is not the book that I have to worship. If I worship a book, then the book becomes my idol. I do not believe idolatry, superstitions, fortune telling, looking from signs, etc. are healthy for my psyche.

I believe the Bible points us to Christ. Christ is the focus of the Bible. Interpretation of the Bible has to filter through the lens of Christ. Teachings that bring people towards Christ should be encouraged. Teachings that lead us distract from Christ should be avoided.

I will discuss the consequences of this approach in some later days.


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