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There are plenty of “Biblical” or “Christian” movies lately. Noah, God’s not Dead, Heaven is for Real…  There are many reviews and opinions posted as Christian point of view – some good, some bad.

Many of the Facebook friends recommend or criticize these films. The major arguments are – this part is scripture; that part is not.

What do they mean? When someone says, “This is scriptural”, what he/she means is “this is the way how I would interpret the Bible.”

“This is not scriptural” actually means “This is not how I see it according to my understanding of the Bible.”

In any adaptation from any book into a movie, the storyteller needs to modify some parts of the story in order to fit the surroundings. It may not fit how some readers’ ideas of the events. It may even have to modify the story. It is the nature of storytelling.

Individual’s life experience has an effect how someone interpret an event. How we interpret an event should be our own. Why should we judge another person’s personal feelings or experience in a dream or near death experience? When we read a story, we react differently because we are individuals. One may call a particular elucidation scriptural; another person may call it heresy.

It is a movie. Do we have to take it so seriously?


2 responses to “Movies Reviews

  • Lee

    I agree that many times when Christians say that something is or isn’t Biblical, it is just their interpretation. There are many supposedly Christian beliefs that simply aren’t in the Bible–even some that are considered essential to Christianity by millions of Christians.

    However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make any statements at all about what is and isn’t Biblical.

    For example, in Aronofsky’s recent film, Noah is unsure what he is supposed to do, and why. He even thinks God wants to wipe out humans completely. But in the Bible God spells it all out very clearly. Noah is to take not only his wife and sons, but also his sons’ wives, into the ark, and God will make a covenant with him. There is no question that God wants humanity to survive and continue.

    The key is to look at what the Bible actually says, and not what some Christian preacher or theologian says it says.

    • dragonfinger

      Yes. All I wanted to say was, take the Bible at its face value and apply the lessons as they fit to one’s life situation. It a a lot better than applying judgements against the storyteller. We can all enjoy life as God intended.

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