The City I Do Not Recognize

Since 2004, I have been going back to my birth city, Hong Kong every year for approximately two to three weeks to visit my family. It has been very different for the last two years.
The political climate has changed for the worse. The city still looks prosperous. People are still making money. Food is still the culture

  • Protest in the streets – There are regular June 4 commemoration on the Tiananmen Square Massacre, July 1 demonstration against the Beijing appointed Chief Executive. etc.
  • The wealth gap – There are jewellery stores, stores for luxury goods, watches, fashion… People are lining up into those shops. I have to ask, who are these people? Are there that many top earning one-percenters?
  • Cost of housing – I read from the local newspaper that the cost of a condo is approximately CAN$2,000 per square foot. Developers are building condos that the buyers have no right to pre-view. The demand is so great that the potential buyers have to put their name in a lottery to have chance to buy a 177 square foot condo.

People around me said this is normal here.
I was born here. I can no longer recognize this place.


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