A Parable inspired by the Hong Kong Umbrella Protest

This is a parable. This may not fully describe the reality. The reality is even worse. This parable is not my original idea. I translated loosely from something I read on the internet.

There was one strict rule for anyone who stay in the study room in the library: one cannot make noise or talk.

A young girl was doing her homework in the study room. A muscular man came in and trying to rape the girl. He did not make any noise. The young girl was trying to fight him off and screaming for help.

Student A responded, “The study room is for those who come so that they can concentrate for their study. No matter what happened, she cannot make noise or scream and disturb others in the room.”

Student B responded, “I understand she has the right to ask for help. However, she is interfering others while she is exercising her right. I have the right to studying here without her screaming in this room. She is only thinking about herself when she is screaming for help. She is selfish.”

Student C responded, “Does she know that her screaming is disrupting my precious studying time? If I do not have enough time to study, I cannot get good grades. Then I cannot get a good job. Do you know how much will I make if I can get a good degree and a well paying job? I am losing money because of her screaming. We all suffer financially because of her screaming.”

Student D responded,” Look at her. She is wearing short skirt. Is she the ‘studying’ type? She is asking for it. What a trouble maker! She should not be here in the first place.”

Student E responded, “What is the use of screaming for help? We had girls being rape in this room before. The rapist was never caught. There is no use for screaming. It is just a waste of time. Would someone tell her no matter what she does, she has to first consider whether her screaming can help her situation. Her screaming cannot her now. She should just keep quite and obey the rules of the study room.”

Student F responded in Mandarin, “I think she has an alternate motive while she is screaming. I heard that someone saw her sitting next to a foreigner on the bus on the way here. She must be taking money from the foreigners and faking the incident here. The foreigners must have paid her to stage the rape scene and cause trouble. Her screaming disturbs our harmonious social order in this study room. She made us look bad and dread down our grades.”

At that moment, they looked at the rapist and noticed that he is the security official for the study room. He stood up and pretended nothing had happened.

He said solemnly, “I believe we all agree that we have to obey the rules of the study room. Those who use this study room have to remain quiet. You cannot scream and interfere other while you are in this room. The rules of this room is set up so we can keep an orderly studying space so all of you can make good grades and get good jobs so you can make more money. We all want prosperity.”

The rapist (security official) then turned and said to his victim, “I heard you scream for help. I understand your request for me to stop hurting you. I do have to remind you that you still have to be considerate. You have not respected the rule of the study room. You have not considered others in this room need to have a place to study. The rule of the study room is the foundation of our establishment. The benefit of the whole has been undermined by your screaming. You have severely disrupted the social order here. I have to arrest you and charge you with disorderly conduct.”


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