Elizabeth May and Khadr

I posted my response of Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party and MP, act during the press gallery dinner. I wrote on my Facebook post, “If Harper or any Conservatives MP acted like May, the media and all other parties would ask for their resignation. For May, she was a hero for praising someone who killed a medic. What a double standard!!!”

I received responses from my friends about how wrong and bad the Canadian and American governments did to Khadr. Khadr is such a nice kid, etc…

Here is my response.

“We can argue that Khadr was only 15 when he murdered and harmed others. It is so comforting to have our names listed on the compassionate side of the ledger. Others will call those who supported Khadr as kind, thoughtful and compassionate people. He may be born into a family who is controlling. He may be tortured. His rights may be violated. He just maybe… There are some facts even his lawyers did not deny. He made bombs. He threw the bomb. He intended to kill people. Yes, he was fifteen. No, he NEVER showed remorse after all these years. The medic he murdered also had a mother and a family. Those who are blinded by his bomb are still blind. He is still glad that he did it. Those who supported Khadr’s killing have no problem with the killings of Americans. I am not an American. I am just wondering, why do they have such hateful feeling towards the Americans? The people Khadr murdered and harmed are also creations of God too.”

I am open to opinions that I may be wrong. I DO NOT think those who are in the “compassionate” camp will ever consider they may be fooled by a murder.


2 responses to “Elizabeth May and Khadr

  • Karen Robertson-Tran

    I am open to opinions that I may be wrong. I DO NOT think those who are in the “compassionate” camp will ever consider they may be fooled by a murder.

    This is your ending statement, which basically says that you are so open minded but those of us who are in the “compassionate camp” are not as open minded. But of course I worry that maybe I am wrong. Maybe Omar has duped everyone, maybe the evidence I have heard isn’t the full story. But, it is possible that the “Omar Kadhr is a terrorist with no remorse” is also incorrect. The person that I heard speak about Omar has no reason to support him other than she has found information that has led her to believe differently and that she has spoken to Omar, spent time with him, continues to spend time with him and believes that he has been wrongly and excessively punished. Our government says that it will treat child soldiers differently, at the very least that is how Omar Kadhr should have been treated. I know you have strong views, James. But, don’t suggest that I’m simply choosing to “look good” by having my name “on the compassionate side”. I am unwilling to ignore the possibility that torture and a desire to leave Guantanamo were at the heart of Omar’s “confession”. James, while he was badly injured, at the age of 15, he was hung from the ceiling and tortured to gain a confession. Is that how you want to convict murderers? Guess I’ll just have to stay part of the “bleeding hearts” club.

    • dragonfinger

      I am not questioning about the validity of what you heard or your source. My only source is the newspaper and whatever reported on TV. Publicly, Khadr showed no remorse. None. Publicly, the whole Khadr family, condoned and supported his deeds. The documentary was showed on CBC. Again, they showed no remorse in public. What is “excessively punished” for someone who has committed murder and course permanent injuries to others? That is for the court to decide. Is he a child soldier? Someone (I do not know who) arbitrarily decided age 16 is not considered a child, age 15 is a child. For the dead medic, he is still very dead no matter the age of the killer is 15 or 16. No, it is not I have a strong view on this issue. A dead person is still dead because of what he did. It is not my “strong opinion” that a person is dead. It is a fact that a medic was killed. My views can easily be changed if he did not go and fight a war. Yes, he may be badly injured. He went to war. War causes injuries. That is the consequence of joining a war. In my circle of friends and colleagues, I am the minority. Most of the people I know support Khadr. Khadr is their hero for fighting against the Conservatives since Harper is seen by most of my colleagues as Satan reincarnate. Yes, Khadr may be tortured. That is what he claimed. The court has to decide that. My “bleeding heart” goes to those who were raped, murdered, beheaded, burnt alive and tortured by ISIS. NO, NONE, ZERO lawyers, Liberals, NDP, Green or Khadr supporters ever cried out for justice for those headless dead Christians. As for those who were beheaded, they did not go to war. Murderers came to them. No one gave those dead souls a second chance.

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