Not the Parable of the Lost Son or the Loving Parents (Part 1)

A long time ago, there was a family called Dragon with many children. The Dragon family used to be rich. They had land and ocean properties rich in natural resources to farm, mine, and fish. The parents lived off the inheritance left from the family fortune. The mother was a tyrant who was selfish and spent only on herself and would not take care of her children. She was insecure about her appearance. She bought expensive clothes, makeup, food, etc. The father was a drug addict who wasted his inheritance on drugs, prostitutes and gambling. The parents borrowed heavily to support their lifestyles but the children had hardly enough to eat.

Some of their children left home to other countries to find employment because they were starving. Some died and some became slave labourers in mines, household servants, farm workers, etc. They worked under horrific conditions. However, the parents demanded those children to send their wages home to support their lifestyles and repay their drug and gambling debts. Those children, since they were taught filial piety all through their lives, complied with their parents’ demands because they hoped their parents would change and help their siblings still living at home.

On one occasion, a creditor named Rice came and demanded payment. The parents could not repay the debt. They signed away a crumbled shed built on a barren corner of their estate and sold one of their baby girls, Fragrance, to Rice to settle the debt. Fragrance was born pre-mature and weak. The parents thought that she could not contribute anything to the household in the future. They also did not favour girls because women could not carry the family name. Rice promised to return Fragrance to the Dragon family when she grew up as an adult.

To be continue…

© Ngok Yeung Lai. All rights reserved.


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