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Movie Review of “The War Room”

Review of “The War Room”

“The War Room” is by far an improvement of other Kendrick brothers’ movie. I am not to going to reiterate the plot and cast. One can easily find those information on the internet. I am going to express how I felt about the film.

It is a faith-based Christian theme movie on the power of prayer, family, and all that healthy God-fearing stuff.

African American family backdrop

The Kendrick brothers centred the plot on an affluent African family. When I researched over the internet, the Kendrick brothers said, “it would be a different movie if we change the races.”[1] I am wondering what would the different be. Is it just political correctness? What would happen if the story were focused on a Chinese family or a Muslim family and converted to Christ because of fervent prayer?

Being “male” is difficult

Similar to other Kendrick brothers’ movies, “Courageous” and “Fireproof”, being male is subjected to all kinds of temptations: infidelity, pornography, pursue of wealth, success, anger, etc. It is always the women who eventually found God and turned the situation around. Do they have to make male bashing a blood sport in order to sell the plot?

“One ‘C’ in math is not that bad”

When the Jordan’s daughter came home with her report card and confessed she had one “C”, Elizabeth, the mother, responded with, “one ‘C’ in math is not that bad”. Why do the storytellers have to stress that innumeracy is “not that bad”? They gave two stereotypes in just one line. First, the subject of mathematics in school is not that important. Secondly, mathematics is not that important with girls. What do the Kendrick brothers think of science and mathematics education, especially with women? Mathematics is the foundation of all science, engineering, technology, and above all, logical thinking. Do they want to instill a belief that STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics”) is not important for Christians (or non-Christians) when they believe in prayer?

Prosperity, simple minded message

It shows an affluent upper middle class family with multiple-garage home will keep their jobs, prosper, have great obedient children if they just pray. Also, when they pray, they have to pray in the prescribed formula: a prayer closet, a list with boxes checked off, posture, words to say… God will answer “on demand”. The husband got sick so he was prevented to have an affair when his wife prayed. It seems that God is our servant rather than our Master. I am just wondering, what happened to those women who prayed and their husbands still had the affair. Did God abandon them? Does it mean that their prayers are not fervent enough?

Deleted Scenes

I watched the “Deleted Scenes” section. My favorite scenes “Dr. Bunji” and “Tina’s Revenage” were in the deleted section. Those are great comic relieve scenes for a preachy movie.



A Parable inspired by the Hong Kong Umbrella Protest

This is a parable. This may not fully describe the reality. The reality is even worse. This parable is not my original idea. I translated loosely from something I read on the internet.

There was one strict rule for anyone who stay in the study room in the library: one cannot make noise or talk.

A young girl was doing her homework in the study room. A muscular man came in and trying to rape the girl. He did not make any noise. The young girl was trying to fight him off and screaming for help.

Student A responded, “The study room is for those who come so that they can concentrate for their study. No matter what happened, she cannot make noise or scream and disturb others in the room.”

Student B responded, “I understand she has the right to ask for help. However, she is interfering others while she is exercising her right. I have the right to studying here without her screaming in this room. She is only thinking about herself when she is screaming for help. She is selfish.”

Student C responded, “Does she know that her screaming is disrupting my precious studying time? If I do not have enough time to study, I cannot get good grades. Then I cannot get a good job. Do you know how much will I make if I can get a good degree and a well paying job? I am losing money because of her screaming. We all suffer financially because of her screaming.”

Student D responded,” Look at her. She is wearing short skirt. Is she the ‘studying’ type? She is asking for it. What a trouble maker! She should not be here in the first place.”

Student E responded, “What is the use of screaming for help? We had girls being rape in this room before. The rapist was never caught. There is no use for screaming. It is just a waste of time. Would someone tell her no matter what she does, she has to first consider whether her screaming can help her situation. Her screaming cannot her now. She should just keep quite and obey the rules of the study room.”

Student F responded in Mandarin, “I think she has an alternate motive while she is screaming. I heard that someone saw her sitting next to a foreigner on the bus on the way here. She must be taking money from the foreigners and faking the incident here. The foreigners must have paid her to stage the rape scene and cause trouble. Her screaming disturbs our harmonious social order in this study room. She made us look bad and dread down our grades.”

At that moment, they looked at the rapist and noticed that he is the security official for the study room. He stood up and pretended nothing had happened.

He said solemnly, “I believe we all agree that we have to obey the rules of the study room. Those who use this study room have to remain quiet. You cannot scream and interfere other while you are in this room. The rules of this room is set up so we can keep an orderly studying space so all of you can make good grades and get good jobs so you can make more money. We all want prosperity.”

The rapist (security official) then turned and said to his victim, “I heard you scream for help. I understand your request for me to stop hurting you. I do have to remind you that you still have to be considerate. You have not respected the rule of the study room. You have not considered others in this room need to have a place to study. The rule of the study room is the foundation of our establishment. The benefit of the whole has been undermined by your screaming. You have severely disrupted the social order here. I have to arrest you and charge you with disorderly conduct.”

Answer to speaking Cantonese in Canton

I had a discussion on facebook with a facebook friend of mine. He argues that Mandarin should be the only official language in China. I will leave his argument and question for me in Chinese. My answers are in English. I did not attempt to translate the Chinese into English.

I can identify how the people of First Nations in Canada feel when their language and culture were systematically destroyed by their conquerors. My native language is now being marginalized and deliberately destroyed by the communists. People in Southern China are force to give up their own mother tongue because of the central government policy. Cantonese has a history over 1000 years. Classic poems and songs do not even rhyme in Mandarin.

“Cantonese had been “tremendously weakened” in Guangdong since the People’s Republic was established in 1949, he added. “If it weren’t for Hong Kong, Cantonese would soon cease to exist as a significant linguistic force.”” – Business Insider

粵 語是廣州地區最標準的方言,也是附近地區流行的方言,廣州是廣東省的首府。但廣東省很多地區都不會粵語,如台山話及其隣近地區,客家話和潮州話。中國人是 一盤散沙皆因方言太多,若不是文字統一,早已四分五裂。故此官方的一定要用統一的話,但沒有禁止你在家中朋友間不能用粵語,故此你的言論有商榷之䖏

The issue here is not only about Cantonese as a regional language. Language is an integral part of culture. When the British colonized Canada, one of the first policy they used was to take the native children away from their parents and forbade them to speak their own language. The result were residential schools and cultural genocide. The Chinese communist government is trying to force the local TV stations not to use Cantonese in their broadcast. All the schools forbid the children to speak Cantonese or their regional tongue. In effect, the next generation will not be able to learn about the culture of their parents. The communist party had already destroy the beautiful Chinese traditional script in less than one generation. Now they try to eliminate regional language and culture in order to control the population. If you listen to their propaganda, the communist party label Cantonese as ancient, barbaric, uncivilized…
Cantonese has a history of over 1000 years old. The Song Dynasty and the Ming dynasty poems rhyme in Cantonese because the Cantonese pronunciation kept its linkage with its roots in the traditional Chinese language and culture. The Chinese communist party uses the argument that the foreign powers were trying to destroy China. In fact, the Chinese communist party refines the cultural genocide tactics from the western colonizer to oppress their own minority. In less then one generation, we can only hear Cantonese spoken only in North American Chinatowns. As a minority living in Canada which promotes a policy of tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism, I am truly blessed.
The Lord I believe in created uncounted number of cultures and languages. We should celebrate God’s creation of diversity. Instead some try to suppress diversity as a liability and shunt it like a disease in the name of uniformity.

中 國有幾多少數民族?有幾多少數民族自治區或省?你知道嗎?少數民族教育奬勵計劃你知道嗎?你到過廣州嗎?那裡有很多非洲矞人士的粵語會好過很多cbc,你 知道嗎?我從零五年到今年共返過中國我父母岀生的地方五次,我是最年長的老表,老表年輕的下一代是用粵語和我們交談,到教會用國粵語,醫院裡用粵語,都是 事實。

I will try to answer your question logically, practically and historically.

中國有幾多少數民族?有幾多少數民族自治區或省?你知道嗎?No one know exactly how many minorities living in China. It just means that China has a very diverse culture. Diversity is the strength of a culture, NOT a liability. The “awards” or “advantages” given to the minorities are mostly based on how much the minorities can integrate to the “Han” culture, not to make the minority culture develop and flourish. In essence, the plan is to diminish the minority culture.

Yes, I have been to Canton many times. There is even an area where all the Africans merchants make their living. You just proved my point. Many Africans can speak good Cantonese. It is exactly the reason why we should cherish the Cantonese culture and let it flourish. Instead, the communist government is shutting down the Cantonese TV station and label the language “ancient” and “uncivilized”. They glorified Mandarin as “modern” and “civilized” in schools.

我 是最年長的老表,老表年輕的下一代是用粵語和我們交談,到教會用國粵語,醫院裡用粵語,都是事實。 I am glad that the churches and hospitals in Canton are still using Cantonese. I hope that it will continue.

反 觀加拿大美國,原住民如何呀?你為何不為他們爭取?Interesting that you ask. I do not know much about the United States. I do know something about the Canadian situation. The Canadian government has been trying to revitalize the first nation language. In the province where I live, the Mi’kmaq language is making a comeback. There are similar movements in various provinces to retain various First Nations traditions and cultures. Actually, I work with various cultural groups through my teaching career in this area for close to thirty years. Yes, I do fight for the rights of multiple people groups everyday. I facilitate various seminars on cultural awareness for faculty, staff and students.

還 有,多語言是上帝的本意嗎?還有,多語言是上帝的本意嗎?告訴我聖經中那出處,我只知道因為當時人們建高台而後語言不通才四散各處,才做成今天的局面,難 道這是上帝的本意嗎?I am not God. I do not intent (or dare not) to speak for The Almighty. I do not even dare to speculate on God’s original intention. I do read from Genesis that God confused the tongues (created different languages) when all people spoke the same language. It seems to me that it was God who created different languages. If it was God who created various cultures and languages, this God is the one who created diversity, not uniformity or conformity. If I understand the Bible story “The Tower of Babel” correctly, Genesis 11:4 “Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” It was the people who wanted to make a name for themselves. This is called “pride”. Instead, it was God who scattered them. Genesis 11:8 “So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.” God created languages and culture. We should at least respect languages and cultures of others as part of God’s plan for the human race.

還 有廣東大戲劇正在發展,難道用國語嗎?回廣州看看才發表文章 I am glad to see that the Cantonese Opera is still being developed as it should be. You are exactly correct. Cantonese Opera cannot be sung in Mandarin. It just proved my point that it was wrong to force Cantonese TV to stop broadcast in Cantonese.

I try to look at this issue from the cultural, anthropological and linguistic point of view. I avoid any nationalistic and political argument in my assessment.