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Not the Parable (Part 7) – Fighting at the Neighbour’s Turf

The Raphans had long since thirst for the northern land of the Dragon. The land of the Raphans was a mountainous region. They worked hard on their farms to supply food for the people. They felt that they needed more land to support their growing population since they witnessed the expansion of the Rice clan. They had always been envious of all the land which Dragon owned. When the elders started modernizing their farming and industry, all young Raphan children were shown in their schools the imported oranges, apples and others good tasting fruits that grew in Dragon’s fields.

The teacher would hold up an apple and say, “Does the apple look good?”

The children said in unison, “Yes, it looks good!”

Teacher, “Does it taste good?”

Children said in unison again, “Yes, it tastes great!”

The teacher would then display a map and using a pointer show the children the land of the Dragon saying, “These apples were grown there. When you grow up, go and get it!”

This chanting would happen every day in the morning assembly of all the schools across the Raphan tribe.

When Roman received no resistance after sending his servants to occupy the northern land of the Dragon, he became audacious and decided he could take over the land of Erem. The military minded elders of the Raphan tribe wanted to use this opportunity to test their newly minted fighting force.

The chief told the elders to send their warriors to halt the advance of the Ebruis into Erem. Ebruis never imagined the Raphans had grown into such a powerful fighting force. Many of the Ebruis were killed in Erem when they wanted to gain control. They retreated from Erem back into the northern part of Dragon. The Raphans warriors chased them into the Dragon territory and slaughtered more of the Ebruis fighters.

A newly formed union of families from afar, called Multus, came and formulated a truce between the Raphans and the Ebruis. The Ebruis agreed to retreat to their own territory to prevent more slaughtering of their men. The Raphans took over the control of the northern part of the Dragon’s land, Erem, as well as two small islands across the Dragon’s pond, Pesca and Ryu, which were within the Dragon’s territory.

The whole incident was a disgrace and embarrassment to the Dragon. Two alien tribes came to their land, started a fight within the boundary of their soil, and a third newly formed entity acted as mediator to annex their land to a foreign tribe. Dragon was too weak to defend their own turf. Despite of losing their family inheritance to invading families Wāc, Mercy, and their controlling family members were too busy stashing away their remaining fortune due to their own lust for wealth.

The other families in the area called Dragon, “The Sick Man”.

To be continue…

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